Supplier Portal

Optimize supplier collaboration and increase efficiency

The self-service Supplier Portal is designed to enhance efficiency and foster stronger collaboration between your company and its suppliers. This portal grants your suppliers access to specific features that you have authorized, facilitating a smoother and more transparent supply chain process. By utilizing these functionalities, the Supplier Portal not only simplifies interactions with suppliers but also significantly enhances the efficiency of managing supply chain activities. This leads to improved supplier relationships and optimized operational processes.

These features include:

  • Order Management: Suppliers can view purchase orders and update details such as confirmed price, quantity, and delivery dates at the order or line level, ensuring that all transaction details are accurately maintained.
  • Order Modifications: Suppliers have the capability to reject a purchase order or specific lines if necessary, providing flexibility and immediate response to any issues that might arise.
  • Document Management: The portal allows for attaching documents directly to the corresponding orders or shipment notices, which simplifies record-keeping and ensures all relevant information is easily accessible.
  • Shipment Coordination: Suppliers can create advanced shipment notices and update delivery note notifications, which helps streamline the logistics process and improves the accuracy of shipment tracking.
  • Contract and Agreement Access: Suppliers can view detailed purchase agreements, enhancing transparency and understanding of the terms and conditions governing their transactions.
  • Product Information: The portal includes a product catalog where suppliers can view detailed descriptions and specifications of products, aiding in better product management and order accuracy.

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