Data Maintenance VXL Live (Cloud)

Cloud-Based Business Data Management and Customizable Workflows for Infor M3

VXL Live is a cloud-based application for managing your business data. VXL Live combines all your data into a user-friendly solution, specifically designed for the Infor M3.

In VXL Live you can easily configure workflows. Users can customize workflows and security settings themselves, leveraging a vast array of options to meet your specific business needs.

Its user-friendly drag-and-drop functionality simplifies joining and mapping APIs to an Excel spreadsheet, making it effortless and intuitive. Users can also start by customizing the pre-built workflows to jump-start your project.

The users can design Excel templates to match their end users’ needs, making it straightforward and fast to complete. With Excel’s robust formulas and formatting, the templates can be as simple or as complex as you need. Include the API message for instant confirmation of upload status.

The benefits:

  • Simplify and automate M3 updates.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date data with VXL, the cloud-based application your business users have been waiting for.
  • Collect data from several tables in M3, modify in Excel, and uploading back into M3 with one click.
  • Make it easier than ever to respond to changes, collaborate with colleagues, and boost operational efficiency.

VINCE is a Norwegian based company that delivers software applications connected to Infor M3. VXL is an application to enable the export and import of data to M3 in a very safe and efficient way through API’s. Meridion is a reseller of their applications and is mainly working with VXL.

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