RS Production OEE

Take full control of your production process

RS Production, offered by Meridion’s partner Good Solutions, is a cloud-based solution designed to boost productivity across manufacturing operations. It comprises several components, which can be used independently but are specifically engineered to support companies in streamlining their production processes efficiently.

RS Production OEE: This component focuses on the collection of machine data and the visualization of TAK/OEE metrics to identify the causes of losses in the production process. Connectivity is achieved through the existing network or via pre-configured IoT boxes that connect the machinery without additional electrical installations. OEE metrics and losses are conveniently displayed on screens within the facility or through more detailed shift analysis by production leaders or process improvers. For operator reporting and MES, there is also support for PokaYoke and scanning to facilitate operators’ balance reporting. RS Production OEE includes alarm messaging functions (ANDON) to call for help or stop production due to quality or process issues.

RS Production ACT: Used for creating digital checklists that can be prepared in advance.

RS Production Energy: This tool enables the measurement and analysis of a factory’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built real-time reports for daily meetings, improvement work, production control, etc.
  • Guided installation and configuration.
  • Easily collect production data from operators and machines.
  • Expand the functionality and scale to more machines and factories as needed.

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