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Meridion Visualization Concept, MVC, offers a revolutionary method to enhance insight and efficiency across many aspects of the business systems’ usage. By utilizing advanced visualization technology, we elevate data-driven decisions to a new level, giving you, the customer, the ability to optimize your processes in ways previously unattainable.

Visualization for Warehouse Efficiency
MVC was developed from the need to view data in new ways to create deeper insights. The solution involves creating images that mimic physical reality and applying data to these images. A common issue that MVC has been applied to is warehouse efficiency. By visualizing the warehouse layout, it becomes easier to identify patterns that are difficult to detect in traditional tables and charts.

Integration with Qlik and Infor M3
Once the images are created, we integrate them into Qlik and Infor M3 to use visual representations of the data. These visualizations are used to enhance both the execution and analysis of data. Our visualization tool is compatible with both cloud-based and on-premises systems.

Specific Application: Meridion Warehouse Visualization, Digital Twin Warehouse
A specific application area is ‘Meridion Warehouse Visualization, Digital Twin Warehouse,’ where we analyze the efficiency of warehouse management. The solution, based on Qlik, has been implemented for several clients, including a global rollout for Volvo Group in 10 countries. This solution has generated new insights and improvements in operational picking, ergonomics, and safety. At Qlik’s user conference, Volvo Group highlighted the following benefits of the solution:

  • More effective management of warehouse space: Real-time overview of vacant spaces.
  • Improved handling of safety and ergonomics: Optimal placement of parts at the correct height and in the right zone.
  • Immediate ability to create tasks when correcting errors: List of re-locations that need to be done (potential efficiency gain).
  • Additional tool that could improve PDQ (Product Data Quality) performance: Instant visibility of two SKUs (Stock keeping units) in one location.
  • Fast reporting of fast/slow movers: Ensures parts are optimally located for picking (potential efficiency gain).
  • Quick and easy to find and implement improvements within DC including errors in the system regarding parts and locations: Quick and easy communication and actions (daily team communication).
  • Clear understanding of the DC’s (Distribution Center = The Warehouse) current state.

Global Implementation
The global implementation has also enabled various countries to compare themselves with each other. The images show Volvo Group’s facilities.

Built-In Visualization in M3
Meridion also integrates visualization components into M3. For example, we can visually verify the correct packing in pallets. A more advanced solution is the combination of our visualization concept with Qlik and M3 in a 3D world. Here we use Unity, originally used for game development, to build the visualization. By loading 3D models and applying the data model, we can visualize the data in 3D, which also provides the opportunity to experience being in the factory and seeing the data. The solution can be run on a regular keyboard PC and with Virtual Reality glasses.

Use of Images for Packing Processes
Another application is the use of images to facilitate users doing the right thing in connection with packing. In the example below, the images show how to pack and how much is actually packed. The visualization is integrated into an Infor M3 H5 application, and reporting occurs directly in M3. This makes it easier for operators to follow instructions and minimizes errors, leading to more efficient and accurate packing processes.

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