Role-based Workspaces

Contextualize the workspace to fit your role

Workspaces contain widgets and in-context applications that help you perform tasks and resolve issues related to your role. These role-based workspaces are readily available in the OS Workspace Catalog and are updated automatically when enhancements occur.

After you have worked with the system for a while, you will probably find that there is a certain set of forms that you work with frequently and that you like to use in a particular arrangement in your work area.

Customize Your Workflow
The system provides a way to save and open such a configuration of forms easily, so you do not have to redo it every time you use the system. In the system, this configuration of forms is called a workspace.

Once you have set up and saved a workspace, you can either open it manually through the Form menu, open it through a shortcut in Explorer, or set the system to open it automatically when you log in. You can later modify the layout of the forms, and even add or delete forms from the workspace.

These role-based workspaces are available for your CloudSuite:

  • Accounts Payable Controller
  • Accounts Payable Controller Workspace
  • Accounts Receivable Controller
  • Customer Services
  • CSR Workspace
  • Financial Accounting
  • Financial Controlling
  • General Ledger Controller
  • Printer Programs Utility page
  • Production Manager
  • Purchase Manager
  • Purchase Manager Workspace
  • Quality Manager
  • Systems Manager
  • Warehouse Manager

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