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QlikView is a classic guided analytics solution that simplifies understanding complex data sets, uncovering connections, and deriving insights. By compressing data and storing it in memory, QlikView enables immediate exploration by multiple users. The platform’s foundational associative data model technology facilitates the creation of a unique, interactive interface for presenting and analyzing all types of information.

Intuitive Connections with QlikView
QlikView processes information in a manner akin to the human brain, gradually forming associative connections with the data it handles. This approach empowers you, not the database, to determine the queries. You simply click on the elements you wish to explore further. In traditional systems, data retrieval can be cumbersome, often requiring deep knowledge of database structures and query syntax. Users are generally restricted to predefined search routines. In contrast, QlikView revolutionizes this process by allowing users to freely select data displayed on the screen with just a mouse click. While conventional information search systems typically require a top-down approach, QlikView enables you to start with any data point, irrespective of its position within the data structure.

QlikView provides a unified and coherent overview of data across various databases, whether they are your own, someone else’s, centralized, or localized. It is compatible with virtually any database.

Key features:

  • Create a flexible end-user interface to an information warehouse.
  • Capture snapshots of data relationships.
  • Generate presentations based on your data.
  • Produce dynamic graphical charts and tables.
  • Conduct statistical analysis.
  • Associate descriptions and multimedia with your data.
  • Develop your own expert systems.
  • Compile new tables by merging information from multiple sources.
  • Construct a personalized business intelligence system.

Qlik provides the software QlikView and Qlik Sense. Qlik Sense is now sold as a fully Cloud SaaS offering that allows full integration with automation and AI capabilities. Meridion is a Elite partner of Qlik and both resell, implement and develop Meridion pre-defined applications connected to M3 and customer unique applications.

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