Take control of freight management in M3

An integrated solution for transport administration by Meridion and Unifaun

Streamline your freight booking process and gain increased control over your freight purchases. By combining the new M3 module for Freight Cost Management with standardized Mashup technology in M3, we have created seamless integration with Unifaun’s leading Delivery Management service.

The solution allows you to handle your freight booking and follow-up directly from M3 through a simple and clear mashup view. Automatically book transports and print freight documents via the Unifaun integration. With direct access to all your carriers, you can automate freight bookings without duplication between systems.

The solution creates separate purchase orders for freight in M3 – with references to customer deliveries for easy matching of freight invoices. It gives you full control over freight costs and makes it easy to calculate freight surcharges for invoicing to customers.

The Benefits:

  • Match freight invoices to purchase orders
  • Add the correct freight charge to the right customer order
  • Follow up on your freight purchases and shipping orders
  • Take advantage of a standard solution with a short ROI

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Lars Nyström
Sales Manager