Planning Workbench

Streamlining resource and capacity planning

Planning Workbench visualizes future resource demands and supports material and capacity planning on grouped or detailed levels. The concept of macro-orders in M3 allows you to aggregate manufacturing orders across groups of items and operations. The aggregation of your plan at a macro-order level helps to remove unnecessary levels of detail while establishing a master plan. This plan can be visualized and implemented across multiple sites when producing intermediate and final products in different plants.

Tailored Tools for Diverse Manufacturing Needs:

Infor M3 Planning Workbench for Fashion is designed for manufacturing companies in the apparel, footwear, home textile, and accessories industries. It provides an easy-to-use planning tool that enables the planning of large volumes of orders across a complex supply chain. This tool is crafted as a medium-term planning tool for companies operating across multiple manufacturing sites and/or multiple sewing lines per site, enabling them to forward-plan optimum utilization of capacity.

Infor M3 Planning Workbench for Equipment is an advanced “what if” planning tool, specifically designed for customers in the equipment industry. It is used to visualize future resource demands and conflicts (materials, labor, subcontractors, etc.). The decisions taken within the Planning Workbench can update Infor M3 or be used purely for simulation purposes.

Infor M3 Planning Workbench for Food & Beverage bridges the gap between more advanced planning tools and the widespread use of spreadsheets to manage the Master Planning Process in Food & Beverage companies.

Key Features:
  • Integration with Infor M3 Business Engine: Ensures a seamless planning flow from demand to production, enhancing consistency across operations.
  • Robust Decision Support: Provides clear visibility of capacity load and inventory accumulation profiles, aiding in strategic planning and management.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Features workbenches with a spreadsheet-like grid that are easily adaptable to meet individual planners’ specific requirements.
  • Interactive Planning Tools: Offers specialized workbenches for capacity planning that focus on the utilization and load of work centers, along with material planning that targets inventory levels and coverage durations.

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. Infor develops complete solutions for its focus industries, including industrial manufacturing and distribution. Meridion is a Channel Partner to the ERP system M3 and other related Infor products.

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