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Invest in a Time and Cost-efficient Upgrade to M3 Cloud With High Quality

Upgrading to Infor M3 Cloud doesn’t have to be complex, costly, or time-consuming. As a supplement to our standard project model, Meridion has developed a method to conduct upgrade projects to M3 Cloud in a time and cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

Our streamlined project method focuses on testing, integrations, and data management, as well as replacing modifications. You, as the client, decide how much focus should be placed on development and training.

Training Key Users
In our model, there is ample space to educate your key users in functions/products so that they can carry out much of the development work themselves. Examples of new features could include IDM, Workspaces, Workflows, Experience Designer, etc. This approach places slightly higher demands on user availability, but the effect is that they gain a deeper understanding of the specific function and increased engagement in the projects.

Based on Analysis Data
Meridion focuses on analyzing early in the project if previous modifications in M3 need to be phased out, and then we implement this with the new technology in M3 Cloud, Infor OS, and ION. We gather support for this through a Technical Platform Analysis and a CRA (Cloud Readiness Assessment).

Clear Plan for Time and Activity
The key to a successful upgrade is having clear time and activity boundaries within the project, conducting meticulous and well-planned tests, and maintaining a focus on minimizing risks and monitoring the budget.

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