Internal Sales

Streamline internal transactions and goods movement

An internal sale occurs when both the buyer and seller belong to the same company and data base in M3. This process is used for the movement of goods between departments or locations within the same company. For the transfer of goods between warehouses where no sale occurs, it is recommended to use the distribution order functionality.

Key aspects of internal sales include:

  • Connection of Customer Order (CO) with Purchase Order (PO): The internal sales functionality links the CO directly with the PO, facilitating seamless transactions within the company.
  • Automation: Automates the process from the creation of a planned PO at the buying facility.
  • Traceability: Provides complete traceability from the reservation at the supplying warehouse to the release and update of the PO.
  • Update on Reservation Status: When the PO is released, the status of the reservation is updated automatically, ensuring that inventory levels are adjusted accordingly.

The following flowchart illustrate the entire process of internal sales, showing the steps from the initial creation of the purchase order to the final updates in the system.

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