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Meridon is a Consultancy firm that are driven by Project Management and that has a strong growth strategy. We are always in need of skillful Consultants in order to take on more interesting and developing missions, and to further give our customers the best service possible!

In order to enjoy life at Meridion and to grow, you probably recognize yourself in the following:

  • You want to work with Business Systems and the data that is created. You think it is very interesting to combine logistics and business processes with technology and digitalization.
  • You have a degree from a technical University education and want to work with logistics development. At the same time as you have an interest and eye for logistics concepts and strategy, you enjoy implementation and turning visions into the customer’s reality.
  • You are already an experienced M3 Consultant or have previous experience from working with another business system, but want to work closer to the customer and with more extensive projects. You enjoy working in challenging projects with exciting customers and are driven by improving and changing their business processes.
  • You want a flexible job that relies on own responsibility and own initiatives. Travelling occur and international contacts are a part of the daily activities.
  • You like to be a part of an entrepreneurial organization, where everyone dares to speak out and act unpretentious. It is easy to be heard and get support for new ideas and initiatives for new projects and businesses.


Meridion is located at Stigbergstorget in Gothenburg and consist of a mixed group of ages and gender. It is, and always has been, important to have fun at work and enjoy the company of the colleagues. We always support each other and keep on working hard as we have many exciting happenings ahead of us.

Welcome to contact Jonna Cander for a discussion regarding a future at Meridion!

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