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Secure Your Implementation With an Experienced ERP Project Management From Start to finish

Meridion has led ERP projects for over 20 years and understands what it takes to manage successful implementations. We specialize in creating a unified platform where we, you as the client, and other partners share a common understanding of how to drive the project to achieve the set goals.

Customizable and Scalable Solutions
Our methodology is scalable and flexible to handle various types of projects, whether it involves a new installation of M3 or a rollout to subsidiaries. Overall, our approach significantly increases the chances of a successful ERP project, ensuring that your project meets its goals on time and within budget.

Effective Communication: The Cornerstone of Success
One of the most important components of a successful project is communication. Our methodology supports this by clearly defining WHAT needs to be done so that there is a mutual expectation of the project’s deliverables.

Organizational Structure and Responsibility Allocation
Our approach is also clear about how we organize ourselves, the roles needed, and the responsibilities each person has. By dividing the implementation project into three phases with several delivery packages and five clear milestones, everyone knows WHEN the deliveries should be completed, HOW they should be performed, and WHO is responsible.

Milestones and Delivery Management
Each delivery package has a clear goal and specified deliverables, which is a vital part of our joint project control to manage any deviations. The work is supported by ready-made templates and agendas for each delivery package. By following established routines, we can save time and resources. Testing is also central to our efforts to establish a solution that supports business requirements. Approved test results are the most critical factor for passing a milestone.

Change and Risk Management
In addition to communication, change management and risk management are central to our methodology and permeate all deliveries and the entire project. The change management does not only apply to the project and its scope; we understand that insight into the change that the project may lead to in the client’s organization, processes, or roles is equally important. 

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