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Secure the flow with the Best SCM Analyses on the Market

With Meridion Awareness Tools, we offer the best Supply Chain Management analyses on the market, based on your data in M3. Through a number of research collaborations with Chalmers University of Technology and our experienced team of specialists, we have developed analyses that provide you with deep insights. These insights can then be used to identify bottlenecks, reduce costs, and optimize your supply chains. Take your SCM strategy to the next level today.

The Meridion M3 analysis focuses on maximizing the value of your Infor M3 system, where we examine the usage, configuration, and integration with other systems to identify areas for improvement and streamline processes.

Our Technical platform analysis provides an in-depth review of your ERP-related IT environment. We ensure that it is optimized to support your business processes and offer suggestions for improvements to future-proof the solution. This results in a plan for a smooth transition to cloud-based systems.

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Sustainability CO2 Analysis
Creating a Sustainable Future for Your Business
Technical Platform Analysis
Optimal Review of Your ERP Systems and Infrastructure
Meridion M3 Analysis
Optimize your business processes for maximum efficiency.

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