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Create custom solutions without coding

The M3 Experience Designer is a tool that enables users to configure role-based M3 applications easily and efficiently. This versatile tool offers several options for application creation and is particularly user-friendly due to its no-code solution.

You can choose whether to start from a blank slate or use the template applications that are delivered with the tool, providing flexibility in design and development. The newly created applications are seamlessly integrated into the existing M3 H5 user interface. This integration allows users to employ custom applications for some processes while continuing to use standard H5 programs for others, thus maintaining a unified user experience across various areas.

The applications created using the Experience Designer have a responsive design, ensuring they operate effectively across different devices. Furthermore, they are stateless, which enhances their performance and scalability by utilizing API communication with M3 and other applications.

Key Features of the M3 Experience Designer:

  • Flexible Starting Options: Choose to start from a blank page or leverage pre-delivered template applications.
  • No-Code Development: Allows users without programming skills to create applications.
  • Seamless Integration: Newly created applications are embedded within the existing M3 H5 user interface.
  • Flexible Usage: Mix custom applications and standard H5 programs according to business needs.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures applications function well on all types of devices.
  • Stateless Applications: Utilizes API communication for enhanced performance and scalability.
  • Multiple Access Points: Applications can be accessed through the M3 menu, Infor OS widgets, shortcuts, and more.
  • Language Support: Supports multiple languages, enabling applications to run in all languages used in M3.

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. Infor develops complete solutions for its focus industries, including industrial manufacturing and distribution. Meridion is a Channel Partner to the ERP system M3 and other related Infor products.

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