Simplify the Phasing Out of Items in M3

Maximize the efficiency of your warehouse inventory 

The more items your company has, the more complex it is to maintain effective inventory management where the right items are available at the right time. To avoid incorrect and excessively high inventory values and to ensure cost-effective inventory management, items should be phased out periodically. Meridion has developed a method to identify and support the phasing out process of items using Machine Learning and M3 Workflows.

Intelligent Phasing Out Management with Machine Learning and M3

The solution consists of two parts. The first part involves the identification of items that should be phased out. This is done efficiently with the help of Machine Learning, which analyzes data to predict which items no longer contribute to the company’s profitability. The second part of the solution structures the phasing out process, which is tailored to the specific needs of the company. This process management is carried out using M3 Workflows, ensuring a smooth and error-minimized phasing out.

Expected Benefits:

  • Identification of potential items for phasing out
  • A structured phasing out process
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Release of tied-up capital

Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. Infor develops complete solutions for its focus industries, including industrial manufacturing and distribution. Meridion is a Channel Partner to the ERP system M3 and other related Infor products.

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