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Optimize Your Operation with Meridion’s Market Leading Consultants in Infor M3, Qlik, and Supply Chain

Meridion offers expert resources across all areas related to Infor M3, Qlik, and Supply Chain, including roles such as integration developers, integration specialists, and several other positions. We provide solutions for both smaller consulting assignments and longer commitments. Regardless of the need, direct access to expert competence in the field is ensured through on-site presence. This creates security in the project and contributes to progress, clear results, and responsible deliveries.

We offer consulting services in the following areas of expertise:

  • Supply Chain Consultant M3
  • Finance Consultant M3
  • Qlik, ETL and Data Lake Consults
  • Integration and EDI Specialists for M3
  • Technology – architecture and ERP operations

SCM Consultants
Our Supply Chain consultants specialize in Sales and Order handling, Maintenance and Production planning, Purchase and Procurement planning, Receipt handling, Production control, and finally Delivery handling.

Finance Consultants
Meridion’s team of M3 finance consultants collectively have 75 years of work experience in finance and M3 (Movex).

Qlik, ETL, and Data Lake Consultants
Meridion has been a partner with Qlik since 2017 and has developed several solutions using our special expertise and tools to support the integration with Infor M3. They are also specialists in the Meridion Visualization Concept.

Integration and EDI Specialists for M3
At Meridion, we understand the importance of efficient information exchange, both with internal and external parties. Our experienced consultants have extensive knowledge of EDI standards such as EDIFACT and Peppol and can help tailor solutions that minimize your manual processes and increase productivity. For us, however, integration is more than just technology and information exchange – it’s the key to a more cost-effective operation.

Technology – Architecture and ERP Operations
Meridion’s technology and solution architects manage all aspects in both M3 Cloud and on-prem. Their main tasks involve developing code-based enhancements for M3. In on-prem, this primarily involves MAK mods, Mashups, and Scripts. For Cloud, the focus is on Xtend M3, H5Script, and H5SDK.

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