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At Meridion, we take your Supply Chain Management and business systems to the next level, leading to tangible results. With extensive experience in both large and small digital improvement projects, we ensure that you have the right expert consultants and tools to analyze, optimize, and automate your operations. Together, we will boost your profitability.

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The Best M3 Consultants in the Market

Our consultants are experts in SCM, M3, Qlik, Visualization, and Business Development. With Meridion’s consultants, you get an experienced and structured partner who is also curious and committed, becoming an expert in your business. Together, we develop your operation.

Complete Toolset that Optimizes Your SCM

In addition to top-class consulting services, we revolutionize your SCM with Tools that streamline your processes, reduce your costs, and secure profitability.

AWARENESS TOOLS – Secure your future flow with the best SCM analyses on the market..

ACCELERATOR TOOLS – Streamline, digitalize, and boost your business processes.

AUTOMATION TOOLS – Optimize your Supply Chain with smart automation.

Extensive Experience in the Automotive and Manufacturing Industries

With our solid experience in the Automotive and manufacturing industries, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities within several key markets. Our team of expert consultants, tailor solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also future demands. Through industry-leading knowledge and innovative technology, we help you optimize your processes, increase your productivity, and ensure sustainable growth.

Successful Innovation Together with Chalmers

Meridion and Chalmers University of Technology have been partners since 2005, collaborating on several research projects for the Swedish industry. Meridion's consultants also educate Chalmers students in Supply Chain Management systems.

About us

Meridion was founded in 2005 and is an independent consulting firm that develops and implements effective supply chains and logistics processes. We have many years of solid experience in business development and business systems, especially with Infor M3.

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Meridion lectures about Infor M3 for master's students at Chalmers!

Meridion are establishing in Stockholm!

Rototilt renews its M3 solution in collaboration with Meridion