H. Östberg now in M3 Cloud


When H. Östberg decided to upgrade to M3 Cloud with Meridion as the implementation partner a different approach was chosen. Östberg like many other companies saw the advantages of upgrading from their old ERP system directly to a modern cloud-based platform.

M3 Cloud gives us increased flexibility and value creation throughout our business, and not least within the supply chain, while securing the business for the future”, says Patric Lindblom, responsible project manager for the upgrade within Östberg.

There could be different ways to perform the upgrade and during this project it was decided to let Östberg's users take more responsibility, something that is not usually done in similar projects. In the project and within defined areas, extra training was given to key users. Templates were developed together so that Östberg could develop most of the functionality within that specific area themselves.

This approach was used in the development of documents and printouts the new solution in M3 Cloud is known as IDM. Östberg's key users received in-depth training and did most of the document creation themselves and when needed they got additional expertise from Meridion consultants. The same approach was used for Workspaces where they developed their role-based interfaces to work more efficiently.

Both Meridion and Östberg saw several advantages with this working method. It created a deeper understanding of the specific function at Östberg and increased engagement in the project. A clear advantage for Östberg was also that they could keep project costs down by conducting many project activities themselves.

To complete the project according to plan it was important to stick to the defined scope but also be aware of areas of improvement and ensure that these points were addressed after the project finished. The project began in June and went live in December 2023. Now after the go live Östberg sees great opportunities to continue developing their new modern M3 Cloud solution with new tools such as the Experience Designer.

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About H. Östberg

H. Östberg delivers high-performance and energy-efficient ventilation products for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate.

In 1981 Östberg's fan production was started and quickly evolved from a small shop into a multimillion company. Östberg continuously works on developing and delivering the highest quality products in the market.

Östberg aims to become a world leader in innovation, manufacturing and sales of duct fans, air treatment units and rotors.


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