Supply Chain
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Ta kontroll över hela din supply chain. Med oss får du en engagerad partner med lång erfarenhet av integration, försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Men vi stannar aldrig vid analys och rapporter. Du får också starka resultat i praktiken. Vi kallar det Supply Chain på riktigt.

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M3 Manual

Meridion has developed a tool to help you upload manual vouchers to M3. It is quick, easy to use and provides direct feedback to the user if any accounting information is incorrect. With the Infor OS workflow module, your company can fully digitize approval flows that link vouchers to the supporting documentation.


Data validation take place before any information reaches M3, the user is informed about any issues either directly in the voucher template itself or via email. By using your company’s AD-information, the M3 user data associated with the person using the voucher template is retrieved automatically.

This information is stored directly in the voucher. The user can easily see which fields that are mandatory and will receive direct feedback if any information is missing or if the voucher is unbalanced. In addition, multiple voucher numbers can be created by assigning group ID.


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The benefits

  • Quick feedback on validation of data
  • Traceability
  • User friendly
  • Overview and updates of exchange rate changes

Our offer

Meridion grundades 2005 och är ett oberoende konsultbolag som utvecklar och realiserar effektiva försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Vi har mångårig och gedigen erfarenhet av verksamhets-utveckling och affärssystem, särskilt inom Infor M3.


Meridion lectures about Infor M3 for master's students at Chalmers!

Meridion are establishing in Stockholm!

Rototilt renews its M3 solution in collaboration with Meridion