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Qlik Sense

Insights that Enhance Your Analytical Abilities Qlik Sense is a modern analytics tool that provides you with next-level insights and actionable intelligence from your data. It combines the power of artificial intelligence with human intuition. Qlik’s unique associative analytics engine offers unparalleled ability to explore your data and discover insights. Qlik Sense features a user-friendly […]

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Infor M3 Applications

Empowering operations across your enterprise For businesses focused on Manufacturing, Moving, and Maintaining products, Infor M3 equips companies with the essential tools to manage their operations effectively. This comprehensive system supports business processes across the organization, from manufacturing operations to supply chain activities, and from customer and supplier relationships to financial management. Infor M3 integrates

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Empower your analysis QlikView is a classic guided analytics solution that simplifies understanding complex data sets, uncovering connections, and deriving insights. By compressing data and storing it in memory, QlikView enables immediate exploration by multiple users. The platform’s foundational associative data model technology facilitates the creation of a unique, interactive interface for presenting and analyzing

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Experience Designer

Create custom solutions without coding The M3 Experience Designer is a tool that enables users to configure role-based M3 applications easily and efficiently. This versatile tool offers several options for application creation and is particularly user-friendly due to its no-code solution. You can choose whether to start from a blank slate or use the template

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Role-based Workspaces

Contextualize the workspace to fit your role Workspaces contain widgets and in-context applications that help you perform tasks and resolve issues related to your role. These role-based workspaces are readily available in the OS Workspace Catalog and are updated automatically when enhancements occur. After you have worked with the system for a while, you will

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Internal Sales

Streamline internal transactions and goods movement An internal sale occurs when both the buyer and seller belong to the same company and data base in M3. This process is used for the movement of goods between departments or locations within the same company. For the transfer of goods between warehouses where no sale occurs, it

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Issue Management Portal

Streamline issue resolution and enhance collaboration The self-service Issue Management Portal enhances efficiency and fosters collaboration between your company and your customers. This portal is equipped with comprehensive features for managing issues, allowing users to create, monitor, and resolve issues and implement corrective actions effectively. By integrating these functionalities, the Issue Management Portal not only

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Inventory Planning Workbench

Maximize efficiency in inventory planning Infor M3 Inventory Planning Workbench enhances your planning decisions by highlighting key aspects and exceptions in your material plan. This tool allows for viewing, simulating, and editing inventory, demand, and supply across various time frames. It supports monitoring material and product inventory planning in manufacturing and distribution companies, aiding essential

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Demand Planner

Optimize inventory management and forecasting efficiency Infor M3 Demand Planner maximizes customer service levels, sales revenue, and profitability. It supports a collaborative workflow for reviewing sales forecasts and capturing market intelligence, making it a vital tool for dynamic market responsiveness. The built-in forecast engine utilizes various automatic forecast methods, enabling competitive forecasting to help customers

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Scheduling Workbench

Optimize your manufacturing operations with advanced scheduling Infor M3 Scheduling Workbench (SWB) is a powerful decision support tool designed for production planning and the scheduling of manufacturing orders. It efficiently manages finite capacity constraints and material flow from raw materials to finished products. The M3 SWB is capable of handling both single or multi-facility/plant distribution

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