Supply Chain
for real

Chalmers and Meridion have conducted a study on Swedish companies' knowledge and use of their planning parameters in their business systems. In short, it can be said that the majority of companies lack a clear and well-thought-out strategy and that most do not update their basic data in a way that it deserves.


By analyzing and visualizing data from a customer’s supply chain on a global, tactical and operational level, Meridion can promptly determine where risks and potentials for revenue exist. Meridion can efficiently control the performance of a company and compare it with others in the industry.

With this as a foundation, decisions can be made in the company regarding operational improvements which has the biggest impact.


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The benefits

  • Reduced tied up capital
  • Lower planning costs
  • Increase revenue
  • Updated data and better understandning of the supply chain

Our offer

Meridion grundades 2005 och är ett oberoende konsultbolag som utvecklar och realiserar effektiva försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Vi har mångårig och gedigen erfarenhet av verksamhets-utveckling och affärssystem, särskilt inom Infor M3.


State of Sweden - Best Practice for inventory management

Meridion are establishing in Stockholm!

Rototilt renews its M3 solution in collaboration with Meridion