Ta kontroll över hela din supply chain. Med oss får du en engagerad partner med lång erfarenhet av integration, försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Men vi stannar aldrig vid analys och rapporter. Du får också starka resultat i praktiken. Vi kallar det Supply Chain på riktigt.

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Phase out products - Identification & Process

The more products on stock, the more complex it becomes to have an efficient warehousing, where the right products are available at the right time. Products should be phased out from time to time in order to secure a correct and not to high stock values and to have a cost efficient warehouse. Meridion has developed a solution to both identify and support the phase out process of products, with the help of Machine Learning and M3 Workflows.

The Solution

The solution consists of two different parts. The first one refers to identify products that should be phased out. This is done effectively by the help of Machine Learning. The second part of the solutions refers to structure the process of phase outs which is adapted to the company’s set-up. This is done with the help of M3 Workflows.


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The benefits

  • Identification of potential products to phase out
  • Structured phase out process
  • Reduced administrative work
  • Release of tied up capital

Our offer

Meridion grundades 2005 och är ett oberoende konsultbolag som utvecklar och realiserar effektiva försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Vi har mångårig och gedigen erfarenhet av verksamhets-utveckling och affärssystem, särskilt inom Infor M3.


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