Support in M3 for Mercedes new INTO-SC concept (Pick-Up Sheet)

Mercedes-Benz AG is introducing a new transport concept for its suppliers and they call the project INTO-SC.

For you as an M3 customer, this means that a completely new EDI message, VDA4985, will be received.

This message contains a delivery note reference (Pick-Up Sheet number) which must be included in the notification (VDA4913). Meridion can support you in introducing this new concept if you have Mercedes as a customer as we have knowledge of the concept and produced the new message (VDA4985) for MeC. A special configuration is also needed in the M3 to make the whole concept work in the M3.



For more information please contact:

CEO, Johan Bystedt, 0704–18 40 30,
Sales manager, Lars Nyström, 0705-81 35 85,