Meridion’s visualization concept enables companies to find improvement areas in their warehouse management processes. Instead of just presenting data in tables and traditional graphs, we have created 2D and 3D visualizations based on real business data. Please watch the video above for a short demonstration!


Reality is best represented with pictures and visualizations. That’s why we build two visual solutions to complement table data:

The first solution is fully embedded in Qlik Sense and enables direct analysis through the web browser. Using extensions, everything works just as a normal Qlik app providing immediate access to valuable analysis on the warehouse operations. This is an example of what it can look like:


Diving deeper, the next step is to enter the 3D environment – either as a computer application or with a VR headset. Below is a screenshot from the application running on a normal laptop. However, it is even more realistic using the VR headset, HTC Vive. Let us know and we’ll book a demo!


Meridion’s visualization concept was presented on main stage during Qonnections 2019 – Qlik’s global annual conference:



For more information contact Johan directly

For more information contact Johan directly-img

Johan Cervell Business Consultant