Supply Chain
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Ta kontroll över hela din supply chain. Med oss får du en engagerad partner med lång erfarenhet av integration, försörjningskedjor och logistikprocesser. Men vi stannar aldrig vid analys och rapporter. Du får också starka resultat i praktiken. Vi kallar det Supply Chain på riktigt.

Upptäck Meridion du med.

Scania is streamlining with new technology


The production is automated and the pace of the production line is high. Scania found it difficult to follow the stock balance in the production as it was challenging to report what was consumed due to the high production rate and requirements for traceability.

The challenge was to integrate the entire production line with M3 in order for the reporting to be automatic with RFID tags on each individual injector and pump. However, by doing so, Scania can now monitor the stock balance live in M3, which enables full visibility and substantially decreases the risk of material shortages in the production.

M3 is now also fully integrated with the pick-to-light system at the beginning of the line and further along the whole production line. Both material issuing and the scrap process is handled.


The injectors and pumps are labeled and packed at the end of the production line. Scania needed better support on how to pack the items efficiently without disruption as the speed of the line is high.

Meridion chose to use the new technology in Infor M3 and built apps for packing, which visualized and secured the entire packing process..

After the implementation, packing is enabled without disruptions with only one scanner in the app.

The new technology, H5 SDK, gives great opportunities to visualize the process without impacting M3’s core which makes it completely secured for an eventual move M3 Cloud.

About Scania XPS

Scania XPS in Södertälje develops and produces fuel pumps and injectors to Scania’s and Cummin’s diesel engines.


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