The Application

Odette FAI

The Odette FAI application offer both customers and suppliers a way to measure forecast accuracy, according to the Odette recommendation LG07. It is easy to use, gives instant results and allows exporting of data to e.g. Excel. The data used is the same data that is commonly sent via EDI (any standard or version), and is thus independent of ERP system.

The two KPIs presented in the recommendation LG07 are used:

  • FAI – a percentage of how accurate a forecast is for a particular demand period
  • WTS – an index describing the nature of not-perfect forecasts – if forecasts are generally over or under the actual demand

Other features of the application:

  • Quickly compare different Partners and/or Addresses and/or Items
  • Get an overview of how Forecast accuracy has changed over time
  • Analyze what has caused bad forecasts
  • The parameters in the KPIs are all completely dynamic: Lag lengths, Alpha values and Period lengths
  • Get visualization of delivery schedules – watch their demand over time in a graph
  • Useful both for customers, to measure what is they send, and suppliers, to measures what they receive
  • Export data and KPI results to Excel
  • Built in the Business Intelligence software QlikView