Within the Automotive industry it is common practice with JIT deliveries into the producing factory.
Often the provider is located very close to the factory and sometimes even in the same building.

The process when handling JIT deliveries needs to be fool proof and efficient since an incorrect or delayed delivery can cause the line to be stopped. These demands are thus also involved in the system and the integrations.

Meridion has carried out numerous of projects in terms of JIT and these include both designing the process and implementation of the solution into the ERP system and related integrations.
For the solution to operate effectively the process needs to be secured, often through scanners and solutions for Poka-Yoke (“Minimizing errors”) which we have been involved in and implemented.

The details of the JIT solution is in most cases very dependent on the OEM to be delivered to and if it is to a Car Manufacturer or a Truck Manufacturer.
Meridion have experience of the majority of the European OEM’s for these segments and have a good knowledge of the respective OEM’s requirements and processes for JIT.