Within the automotive industry, there are strict requirements for a robust and efficient process to handle JIT (Just-In-Time) deliveries. An incorrect or delayed JIT-delivery may cause disturbances and stops at the assembly line. Thus, the same strict requirements are also applied on the involved IT-systems and its integrations.

Meridion has carried out many projects including JIT. These projects have involved process design and implementation of the solution in the ERP-system, including integrations. We have also secured processes around the JIT-solution, such as implementations of scanners and Poka-Yoke (“Minimizing errors”) solutions.

In most cases the correct JIT-solution depends on which OEM you are delivering to and also if the OEM is a car manufacturer or a truck manufacturer. Meridion has experience from the majority of the European OEM’s for these segments, and has knowledge of most of their JIT requirements and processes.